Why Video Testimony is so Compelling

Attorneys that take advantage of modern technology in the development of their evidentiary presentation techniques have a distinct advantage over those that don’t. A legal video is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that can be brought into a trial. It is affordable, accessible, and incredibly effective. Those attorneys that utilize such evidence are likely to experience far more positive resolutions to their cases in a shorter period of time.

Effective legal videography tells a story in a way that other forms of evidence simply cannot accomplish. Most people involved in legal cases will not respond to a purely factual, analytical case. Rather, being told a story filled with emotion, insight, and glimpses into the actual person that became the victim of the unforeseen tragic accident creates a emotional, feeling response in the jury and judge, and makes them more likely to reach a satisfying resolution for the victim.

One of the key elements of video testimony that makes it so compelling is the insight into the emotional struggle experienced both by the victim and the people around him. Victims of tragic incidents endure several levels of struggle, having to deal with not only the injuries themselves, but how they must now live their lives due to these injuries. The friends and family of the victim also endure a serious emotional struggle as they watch the victim go through the pain and suffering of coping with their injuries. All must come to grips with the different life that this person will now have.

It can be very difficult for people looking into a situation from the stance of a judge or jury to understand the impact that an accident or death has had on others. Simple testimony will not fully illustrate the hardship that the incident has caused. Professional legal video services, however, present real people and their real emotions. Those viewing the legal video will get to see how these people truly feel, what they are actually going through, and how they are having to change their lives to cope with the impact of the incident.

The witness stand can be frightening. A person that is made to sit in front of a courtroom can feel intimidated, and not express themselves well. A trial presentation will let those whose opinions and emotions are significant for the case discuss how they are feeling and what they are going through in such a way that they feel they can open up and so that viewers can witness their demeanor and non-verbal clues, which are often even more powerful than words themselves. 

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