When to Use a Legal Video Presentation

The use of modern technology in the form of a legal video is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tools attorneys use when presenting their cases. This technology enables attorneys to provide critical information in a truly compelling and impactful way that couldn’t be accomplished in other ways, or would not have the same influence if presented otherwise.

Unlike many other types of evidence, a legal video presentation is a highly versatile resource that can be used in virtually every type of legal case in existence and can be useful in various steps of the trial process. Because of the permanent nature of the video you are ensure that the information will remain completely the same and have the advantage of choosing specific moments or sequences to show repeatedly for maximum impact.

You can use a legal video presentation to do much more than to just give basic facts, which is what a video deposition would provide. These videos can also be used to provide powerful insight into the damages that have occurred due to an unforeseen and devastating incident, and how these damages have truly affected the life of the victim, his family, and those around them. It can be difficult for a jury, judge, opposing counsel, or others involved in a case to really understand the extent of injuries or how they could change daily living just by listening to a victim describe these issues. Through a legal video, however, it is possible to give viewers a firsthand account and let them see with their own eyes how the victim must overcome the effects of the incident. It is often much more powerful for a viewer to actually see a victim get through his day via a legal video than it is just for the victim to describe these struggles.

Another time that a legal video presentation can be incredibly beneficial is when one of the parties involved in the incident is expected to die as a result of the incident. By taking video of them prior to their passing you are giving them a voice and allowing them to be a critical aspect of the case. Whether this is an additional victim that is not expected to survive or a family member already expected to die even before the incident, a legal video presentation will let the viewers to hear directly from this person how the incident affected them and how it will continue to affect those that they leave behind. 

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