Top 5 Reasons Attorneys Need to Use Legal Video

When you are preparing to represent a client your top priority should be to select the techniques that will make the most impact as to create the best chances of securing a positive resolution for the situation. There are many different tools that you will use to present your client’s case to those involved in the decision making, but arguably the most powerful is legal video.

There are many reasons why attorneys can benefit from the use of modern technology in the form of legal video, video depositions, trial presentations, and other forms of videography services. The top 5 reasons to use legal video are:


Giving a visual presentation is a fast and effective way of conveying messages to everyone in a meeting room or courtroom. Unlike other ways that evidence can be shared, a trial video presentation will enable you to show evidence in one centralized way, in your own terms. You will also be able to stay on track as you go through your case because you will be looking at the same pieces of information as everyone else and can guide their attention through your evidence in the way that you feel is most effective.


Most people are much more likely to be emotionally affected by, and remember, information that they are shown than they are information that they just hear. This means that offering information in the form of a video will provide a deeper and longer lingering impact than if the same information was presented just by your client speaking.


While it can make an impact to hear someone who has been negatively affected by an unforeseen incident discuss how this incident has damaged his life, it is that much more effective to actually see it. A person may have trouble discussing the details of the struggles that he endures on a daily basis due to the incident, but through a “day in the life” legal video, the viewers will see with their own eyes what the person must go through. This allows them to live vicariously through the victim for the time of the video, which makes the message more effective.


You shouldn’t see a legal video as an added expense, but rather an investment and money saved. Legal video presentations will shorten cases, making them less expensive, eliminate the need for you to create copies of physical documents for evidence, and allow you to take full advantage of the equipment you have available to you.

Tells a Story

People respond to stories. Being given bare facts will make a person think critically and analytically, while being told a story will make them think emotionally. You want those involved in your case to think about your client emotionally and have sympathy.

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