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Why Video Testimony is so Compelling

Attorneys that take advantage of modern technology in the development of their evidentiary presentation techniques have a distinct advantage over those that don’t. A legal video is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that can be brought into a trial. It is affordable, accessible, and incredibly effective. Those attorneys that utilize such evidence [...]

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What is a Wrongful Death Documentary?

A Wrongful Death Documentary conveys the memorable life of the victim and how their unanticipated loss has effected family and friends. This type of video tells a story of who they were and what could have been.These videos may be edited and presented in such a way that they can accompany testimony in a jury [...]

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What is a Mediation Documentary?

A Mediation Documentary can be used as a powerful, out-of-court settlement tool. These videos tell the story of the plaintiff through testimonials from family, co-workers and friends who have been affected by the tragedy. All interviews, photos, home videos and a professional voice-over are edited together to create a presentation that establishes dependency, loss, and [...]

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