Our Services

Our Legal Video team delivers persuasive settlement legal video & demonstrative courtroom video packages at highly competitive fees and costs. We provide better, more reliable services at reasonable prices because our team has perfected the art of legal video production. Our focus and expertise is with small and mid-size clients who need cost effective legal video solutions. Keeping costs to a minimum is what we do to provide good client service.

Mediation Documentary

A Mediation Documentary can be used as a powerful, out-of-court settlement tool. These videos tell the story of the plaintiff through testimonials from family, co-workers and friends who have been affected by the tragedy. All interviews, photos, home videos and a professional voice-over are edited together to create a presentation that establishes dependency, loss, and impact as a result of the person’s death.

Day in the Life Video

A Day in the Life video is the most effective way to demonstrate the plaintiff’s physical injury and actual damages. The primary goal of the Day in the Life video is to accurately, record the daily routine of the plaintiff, capturing the difficulties of performing everyday duties that are often taken for granted. The elements of pain, suffering, mental fatigue, and future medical costs, often are the most challenging aspects of a case for legal counsel to visualize and nothing captures that in a more profound way than video. Video is “living proof” that accurately depicts the life of your plaintiff.

Video Depositions

Video Depositions capture compelling testimony which cannot be seen on a transcript. It also gives the attorneys unrestricted time limits in the examination of witnesses and allows the Court and jury to see the witnesses’ demeanor and pick up on body language. A video deposition is the best alternative to a live appearance for an unavailable witness.

Wrongful Death Documentary

A Wrongful Death Documentary conveys the memorable life of the victim and how their unanticipated loss has effected family and friends. This type of video tells a story of who they were and what could have been.

Accident Reconstruction

An Accident Reconstruction video is an effective way to clearly present what transpired in an accident by providing visual support that assists the expert or fact witness in conveying their theories of how the incident occurred. Reconstructions may be captured on video or created through video animation and can include evidence photographs, police reports, and professional narration.

Site Inspection Video

A Site Inspection Video allows you to bring into the courtroom evidence that often cannot be transported. We capture an expert inspecting the item or device and creating a story that depicts the flaw or defect.

Construction Documentation

Having an accurate record of a construction site minimizes the opportunity for fraudulent claims against Engineers and Contractors. Construction Documentation Video is a cost-effective way to avoid litigation while protecting your reputation and saving time & money.