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Nationwide Legal Video Services

The power of video video services used during litigation can be very significant in providing visuals not otherwise represented in the Court room. The elements of pain, suffering, mental fatigue, and future medical costs often are the most difficult aspects of a case for legal counsel to visualize. Nothing captures that in a more profound way than legal video services.

Show Viewers for Themselves
Our expert video team produces compelling videos that highlight the emotional struggle your plaintiff is enduring when his or her life is altered by an unexpected, unfortunate, and preventable act. We show that victim’s day-to-day life, convey their moving words, and tell their stories in a way other evidence simply can’t.

Show ‘And’ Tell
Viewers retain 20% of what they hear. However they retain 80% of what they see and hear. Our highly produced legal documentaries relay stories that last with viewers, whether they are jurors, judges, or opposing counsel. The compelling video and words resonate with them long after the video ends and could make the difference in your case.

Save Time And Money
The attorney should never think of video as an added expense but rather as a cost saving investment by the use of modern technology. Our videos can convince defendants of the strength of your case, compel them to settle sooner, and motivate them to pay your client more. The sooner you win, the more you save. We help lawyers achieve their goals faster.

Think Big ‘Picture’
We produce top quality video for all legal proceedings, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration. We know you often need to tell a compelling story long before trial.

From File to Trial
We stay with you through the life of your trial. We are constantly available to update your video, retell the story based on new information, and adjust to the strategy of your case. Things change. So do we.

Nationwide Coverage
We can provide professional, certified legal videographers throughout the United States. Our legal videography network allows us to provide our effective legal video services no matter of your location.

Brian White is a legal videographer and lead consultant for MediaZeus, a full-service legal video services working with law firms nationwide. You can rest assured that Brian and his team will capture all the necessary visuals and deliver an effective video presentation for use during mediation or in court. To learn more on how legal video can help your case – drop us a line at or call us at 803.554.2202