Legal Video Production: Being Visually Prepared for a Visually Expectant Audience

Professional legal video is a powerful tool that can be utilized by attorneys in all aspects of a trial to bring about a more favorable resolution to the case. Though video has traditionally been utilized as a part of criminal trials, modern technology is now being used effectively by a wide range of attorneys addressing many different cases and situations.

A professional legal video can be used to reinforce facts, clarify details, and illustrate points in various forms of law, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers compensation
  • Social security
  • Products liability
  • Estate planning
  • Auto accidents
  • Nursing home abuse

Of course, to address these different types of law there must be different types of legal videography. Not every video will properly address the evidentiary needs of the different types of cases. It is important that you find legal video services that will specifically create a video that will highlight the information that you need, as you need it.

One type of legal video that proves highly useful at several points of the trial is a video deposition. A deposition has been an important element of preparing for and presenting a case nearly as long as there have been trials. With the use of legal videography it is possible to eliminate large portions of irrelevant testimony that shows up in most depositions, and can allow the viewers to take note of things such as tone of voice, inflection, facial expression, hesitation, and non-verbal cues such as their eye contact or body language.

Mediation documentaries are also becoming very popular forms of legal videography. These can be utilized very creatively to convey a particular message and ensure the victim’s story is fully and effectively told, even if the case never goes to court. Because there are no strict guidelines regarding what is within the settlement documentary, many attorneys find this type of legal video to be a great way to show things that would otherwise not be allowed in court. These videos are extremely effective for demonstrating the actual effect an incident has had on a victim and his family, proving far more influential than other forms of testimony and evidence.

Many attorneys find that the more visual information that they present to the triers, the better the outcome they can expect. A day in the life video, also referred to as an “activities of daily living video” is an ideal way of providing an honest and compelling representation of the actual life of a victim and how it has been changed.


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