How Video Can Assist in Brain Injury Cases

A brain injury is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person. Often these injuries are so severe that the victim is left with little to no discernible quality of life. Victims can be left essentially dead, or at the mercy of others who must care for them for the rest of their lives. This does not just harm the victims, but all those who loved them and depended on them. In cases of brain injuries, legal video can be one of the most powerful tools an attorney can use.

Victims with brain injuries can rarely speak for themselves and adequately present the damage that has been done to their lives. Through legal video services you can present the testimony from the family and friends of the victim. This can be incredibly compelling as the thoughts and emotions of those closest to the victim describe how the loss of that person as they knew him will illustrate the full extent of the damage done.

A trial video presentation can also present factual evidence from MRI scans and doctors that are working with the victim. Professional legal videographers will know how to effectively integrate the medical information in a way that is understandable even by those that are not well versed in brain injuries or the human body. This is critical because you do not want the jury, the judge, or anyone else to feel alienated or confused by the medical facts.

These facts provide the core of the case, but will be effective only when anchored with the emotionally compelling information. Even if the victim themselves is wholly incapable of expressing any emotions or thoughts regarding the situation, a skillfully made legal video by professional legal video services can give the victim a voice by giving the viewers a glimpse of life prior to the incident. Your video may contain family photos and clips of family videos that will show the victim living their life prior to the accident. These will show personality, relationships, and the ways they touched the people and the world around them. A jury will have the chance to see for a few minutes the person this victim was and conjecture for themselves the potential that they had. This can be especially powerful when followed up by pictures and videos of the victim in their current state. The comparison can be emotionally painfully, but incredibly persuasive.

Brian White is a legal videographer and lead consultant for, a full-service video production facility specializing in legal video services. has a network of certified legal videographers across the country which allows us to service your clients no matter of their location. You can rest assured that Brian and his team at will capture all the necessary visuals and deliver an effective video presentation for use during mediation or in court. To learn more on how legal video can help your case – drop us a line at or call us at 803.487.1364

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