How Legal Video Can Save Your Firm Time and Money

Legal proceedings are rarely inexpensive. It is possible to save a tremendous amount of money on your case, however, through the use of professional legal video. It is important that you not consider legal video presentations and trial presentations an added expense to the cost of trial. Rather, you should see it as an investment that will save you and your firm time and money. Taking advantage of modern technology in the form of legal video allows you to provide recording of various key individuals including expert witnesses. These witnesses can express to the jury how severely a victim was injured and how these injuries have impacted their daily living, including the struggles he has had to endure in order to regain control of their normal lives to whatever extent this is possible. This has been proven far more effective than allowing a victim to try to speak on the witness stand.

Often there is generally no need to purchase additional equipment to add video trial presentations to your case. The same pieces of equipment that are already used to present your PowerPoint outline throughout the case can be used to show your video evidence for the entire courtroom to see. This means that you can use your legal videos at all points of the trial, during your opening statement, throughout the body, and as an element of your closing statement in order to further reinforce the facts of your case and solidify them in the minds of the viewers.

It is not just settlement documentaries and day-in-the-life videos that can be presented through the services of a legal videographer. Such a professional can truly be your ally from the beginning of the trial to the end, allowing you to project everything from documents and charts to photographs and three dimensional items. This cuts down on the number of copies of anything that needs to be made, as well as the cost of any other necessary equipment to demonstrate evidence.

One of the greatest money savings that can occur through the use of professional legal video services to produce a compelling trial presentation is through the shortening of the trial. The longer that any form of legal proceedings continues, the more expensive it will become. Having a shorter trial means that not only will your client save money on those expenses for which he will be responsible, but you will have the chance to move through your cases more often. This means more clients, and greater revenue for your firm. 


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