A Legal Video Presentation for Every Case

The legal field is one that balances the lives of people every day. Each case has the potential of greatly improving the quality of life for someone, even if just through the feeling of validation and the recognition of the choice in their favor. In some cases, however, the resolution is worth even more. This means that attorneys must take very seriously their responsibility to protect their clients and promote them in the best and most effective ways possible.

There are some techniques that are useful only in precise situations. There are others, however, that can be used in virtually all types of legal cases. A legal video presentation is one such tool. Through effective legal videography there is truly a legal video presentation for every case. These include:

Video Depositions
Gathering information from all of the relevant people in a case is a key point in the pre-trial activities of an attorney. Written depositions may provide information, but a legal video gives further insight into the actual thoughts and emotions of the person being interviewed through non-verbal cues and vocal delivery.

Mediation Documentaries
The majority of civil cases never actually make it to trial. This means that mediation is the key step in these cases. In situations such as workers comp, personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice, social security, and nursing home abuse and neglect, the mediation stage will be the point at which you make your case and the resolution will be determined. A professional mediation documentary can be extremely effective in demonstrating to these people the impact the event or issues has made on the victim.

Day in the Life Videos
It can be difficult to empathize with someone or understand how an incident has really affected their life just by listening to them talk about it. Seeing it right in front of them through a legal video presentation, however, forces them to confront these struggles with their own eyes, ears, and emotions. These videos allow the viewers to walk through a day of the victim’s life and see the difficulties they must endure on a daily basis. This will clearly demonstrate how the incident damaged their functionality, capabilities, and the quality of life of their family.

Accident Reconstruction Animation
Many people have a hard time really understanding something if they don’t see it. This is particularly true if they are trying to understand an event such as an accident. Reconstruction animations will provide accurate reenactments through animation of an auto accident so that viewers can more fully appreciate what really happened in that moment.

Brian White is a legal videographer and lead consultant for CarolinaLegalVids.com, a full-service video production facility specializing in legal video services. CarolinaLegalVids.com has a network of certified legal videographers across the country which allows us to service your clients no matter of their location. You can rest assured that Brian and his team at CarolinaLegalVids.com will capture all the necessary visuals and deliver an effective video presentation for use during mediation or in court. To learn more on how legal video can help your case – drop us a line at bwhite@carolinalegalvids.com or call us at 803.487.1364

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